"Wild, crazed, with heavy dollops of distortion, Franciscan Honey go for a freewheelingly weird journey on the powerful “Invisible and Everlasting”. Everything about this album screams to be played as loudly as possible... At times their fevered frenzy feels like seeing them perform live, for the very aesthetics of their sound goes straight for the heart."

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" 'There are three lines too many in your labyrinth,' he said at last. 'I know of a Greek labyrinth that is but one straight line. So many philosophers have been lost upon that line that a mere detective might be pardoned if he became lost as well. When you hunt me down in another avatar of our lives, Scharlach, I suggest that you fake (or commit) one crime at A, a second crime at B, eight kilometers from A, then a third crime at C, four kilometers from A and B and halfway between them. Then wait for me at D, two kilometers from A and C, once again halfway between them. Kill me at D, as you are about to kill me at Triste-le-Roy.' "

How many times in your life could you have listened to "The Boys Are Back In Town" by Thin Lizzy?

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